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Telecom Call Center delivers solid carrier-grade wholesale VoIP services to a wide range of companies and organizations seeking to break free from landlines and have all the voice communication options open to them at an affordable price. How do we do it? We're a group of former IT and VoIP termination professionals and we know what businesses need and who also want to give the absolute best SIP trunking service there is.

From powerful feature-rich Voice Termination services to SIP Origination, DIDs and SMS, Telecom Call Center offers full, easy integration to its purposefully built VoIP Termination network. This allows us to deliver superior class wholesale termination services at a low cost, regardless of your company’s size or call volume. Here are our main areas of specialty:

SIP A-Z VoIP Termination

Premium voice calls every time, anytime, anywhere

Call and Contact Centers Dialer Termination

Handle concurrent, high-volume calls with ease

Your Business VoIP - The Whole Nine Yards

Telecom Call Center International proudly accommodates the needs of an ever-growing pool of call centers, SMBs, enterprises and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), each having their own set of routing requirements, call volumes and technology integration parameters. The company has the smarts and muscles to offer business VoIP termination solution that nails the voice call needs of growing businesses, big and small.

Our full set of wholesale voice termination services includes everything you could possibly imagine involved in wholesale SIP trunking, and we are committed to offer all that magic for highly competitive VoIP termination rates worldwide. We work closely with each of our clients to ensure their specific voice termination traffic and/or voice origination needs are known from start to finish. 

Whatever your business, its size, its global coverage or the professionals you work with, we have the amazing VoIP Termination solution that fits. Don't compromise on quality. We have got you covered.